The journal is owned by the Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) and published quarterly by the Editorial Team of Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (JPPS).
The PPS grants editorial freedom and independence to the Editor-in-Chief of JPPS and the Editorial Board.

Aim & Objective

The Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society is dedicated to encouraging and facilitating research in all fields of psychiatry, behavioural sciences, and mental health from the perspective of local, national, regional, and global needs.

Focus & Scope

JPPS publishes in all domains of psychiatry, behavioural sciences and mental health, including but not limited to:
1. Adult psychiatry
2. Addiction psychiatry/ substance use disorders
3. Child and adolescent psychiatry
4. Consultation–liaison psychiatry
5. Forensic psychiatry
6. Old age psychiatry
7. Neuropsychiatry
8. Psychological medicine 
9. Organic Psychiatry
10. Social and Community Psychiatry

Audience/ Readers: Faculty, consultants, specialists, scholars and trainees in all discipline of psychiatry, mental health and behavioural sciences.

Publication Types: We publish the following publication types.

1. Editorial

2. Original article

3. Review article

4. Special article

5. Case report

6. Trainee's Perspective

7. Creative Corner

Owner/ Publisher: Pakistan Psychiatric Society, Lahore, Pakistan

Sponsor: Pakistan Psychiatric Society, Lahore, Pakistan

Frequency: Quarterly.

Article Processing Charges (APC): No submission, processing or publication fees.

Waiver of APC: Full waivers in APC to all authors.


JPPS accepts advertisements in accordance with our advertising policy. This policy states that advertising must:

  • be independent from editorial decisions on what we publish, and
  • be clearly distinct from content.  
  • the advertisements accepted shall be purposeful, i.e., have some slogan related to the promotion of mental health, and may be contributed via multi-sector corporate stakeholders.
  • the advertisements shall be approved by the JPPS Editorial Office and Publishing Coordinator, be independent from the published content and not related to the Editorial, Original Papers, Special Articles, etc.

Direct Marketing

JPPS ensures ethically sound marketing at conferences organised by the Pakistan Psychiatric Society to promote updated, useful research and publication.